What is the QSM3 technique?

Our foundational technique, QSM3, is a hand-crafted, custom correction of your spine through a gentle, no twisting, cracking or popping adjustment.

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Why are adjustments necessary?

The power of QSM3 comes from the sustainability of your spinal correction. We know that for true healing of an injury that occurred by being misaligned can only come after you are aligned, not from the adjustment itself. The Balanced Spine has developed three phases of care based on the science of true human healing stages. Our goal is stability, not constant adjusting.


Upper Cervical in the News

Good Morning America ran a story on an intriguing study that linked NUCCA chiropractic care to lowering blood pressure and reducing neck pain, medicine-free. In a double-blind study with a 50-patient group, where 25 were treated and the other half were given “placebo treatment,” the results showed that the “treated” patients’ blood pressure was lowered by an average of 17 points, and stayed that low even 8 weeks after treatment.


Digital X-Rays

X-rays are very beneficial to patient care at The Balanced Spine. Our doctors are in a position to treat problems as early as possible and provide a more comprehensive understanding with digital imaging technology, an important tool for our industry and even more so in our office.

In short, x-ray imaging is one of our most important tools and it's become an even more useful tool in our office thanks to digital imaging technology.

TMD Results

Dr. Sean Fryer explains how he collaborates with the dental profession in order for their patients to receive optimal results with TMD. ​


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